Anime Expo 2013 Friday!!!


I didn’t shoot a lot of pictures today, but there was tons of great Cosplay on Friday! Check it out!!! 

If you want to share these images, please give me credit and drop me a line where you posted the pictures. You can contact me here!  If you don’t see your picture, contact me here or on Twitter or Facebook as sometimes I mess up on the uploads to my web server. You can also follow me on Instagram.  Feel free to tag your picture in the comment section of each photo! Lastly, I do make my own professional prints on real photo paper (not some home inkjet printer), so drop me a line if you would like me to make you a custom print.







2 thoughts on “Anime Expo 2013 Friday!!!

  1. Bo

    Hi there! I’m the person doing the spilts in DSCF5506 ! If you could send me a digital copy of that photo i would be eternally grateful!

  2. sasquatch Post author

    Of Course, Bo! Glad you like my photos! Check your email inbox (or spam folder). In return, please like my new facebook page!


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