Sightings Sasquatch always has his camera with him. You might not spot him or ever see him, but he’s always around when people are gathering for some awesomeness.

I do make my own professional prints on real photo paper (not some home inkjet printer), so drop me a line if you would like me to make you a custom print.


AX2018 Photos —-> here


AX2017 Photos —-> here


AX2016 Day 4 Photos —-> here

AX2016 Day 3 Photos  —->  here

AX2016 Day 2 Photos  —->  here!

AX2016 Day 1 Photos  —-> here!


AX2015 Day 4 Photos —-> here!!!!

AX2015 Day 3 Photos —-> here!!!

AX2015 Day 2 Photos —> here!!!

AX2015  Day 1 photos -> here!!!!

Wonder Con 2015

See the photos -> here!!!!


AX2014 Day 4 pictures are finally all up  —> here!!!!

AX2014 Day 3 pictures are posted here —-> here!!!

AX2014 Day 1 and Day 2 pictures are posted —-> here!!


Great Show this year with lots of people and a cool new arcade! See Friday’s Pictures–> here!

Super packed Saturday. See AX2013 Saturday’s Pictures –> here!

Insane number of pictures shot on the final day of AX2013. See Sunday’s Pictures –> here!

Check out the great cosplay that Sasquatch captured at last year’s Anime Expo 2012. –> Here!

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