AX 2017 Photos

Sightings***All of my AX 2017 photos are up! Video coming next.
Fortunately, I was quite busy this year with movie and photo work. Unfortunately, that means less photos of AX 2017. I chilled out a lot at this AX because I needed some relaxation time, so there is not as many photos. Regardless, I will see you at the next con!

I usually shoot several photos of each person, but I picked a few of each to display in the gallery below. Look for yourself through the whole set as they sometimes get uploaded out of order. If you want a larger image or if you want to share these images, please give me credit and drop me a line where you posted the pictures. If you don’t see your picture, contact me here or on Twitter or Facebook as sometimes I mess up on the uploads to my web server. You can also follow me on Instagram.  Feel free to tag your picture in the comment section of each photo! Lastly, I do make my own professional prints on real photo paper (not an home inkjet printer), so drop me a line if you would like me to make you a custom print.


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